Fabio Ferrari

System Integrator and Administrator - Web and App Developer - Entrepreneur

Modena and Bologna Area (Italy) - Tallinn (Estonia)

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About Me

I'm a Computer Engineer, year of birth 1978, passionate for first aid. I'm currently a volunteer in Red Cross and Blue Cross of Modena.

Here are, in short, the milestones of my professional education and experience.


Founded Qwyddy Technologies, a Company in the field Of Iot and Industry 4.0. The company is also planning to launch Qwyddy, a project in the field of Sharing Economy.


Worked as a freelance as a System Integrator and Administrator, and Software Developer. My main tasks and achievements are:

* Designing, installing and maintaining Systems for large organizations (3000+ users);

* Worked as a Java software developer for some computer companies;

* Reorganize and maintain the Information Systems of medium-large enterprises (100-500 employees), reducing the costs and enhancing the availability of the network through HA Systems;

* Developed a few my own products, expecially Embedded Systems;

* Developed independently customized applications;

* Worked as a System Integrator for some computer company to interface their legacy software with new technologies.


Worked as a Linux System Administrator in the Company 'Netsphere' of Modena.


Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The Thesis was about an Open Source Timestamp System.


Occasionally worked for the Municipality of Modena to build the former website. Worked on the first Italian Digital Identity project.

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